Why invest in a Résumé or Cover Letter from Swepps & Associates?

There is a correct systematic way to approach the job market when applying for positions. A hiring manager, business owner or computer software system may have a multitude of applicants vying for their approval. The faster you can peak the employer’s curiosity about you, the chances of you being called for an interview or even hired significantly improves. There are several aspects to consider when investing in a résumé or cover letter such as: What you write, how you write (vocabulary usage, terms, etc.), position of where you place your information on the document and overall aesthetic harmonious flow format to appease your reader (i.e. a hiring manager) making it easy for them to determine your contingency. Your investment solidifies directly to your potential employer that you are serious about yourself and the job to have a high-quality résumé and cover letter. Most companies have relatively experienced hiring managers or talent acquisition personnel who are able to spot a prospective candidate with less than ten (10) seconds of scanning your résumé and cover letter. Needless to say, it is well worth your time to allow Swepps & Associates display your talents clear, vivid and correctly. There is no magic sales pitch, no secret sauce, just tried tested methods proven time again. You owe it to yourself to advertise your best work and talents to the world. Swepps & Associates only wants what you want, which is to land you the best opportunity for your career. Swepps & Associates are able to provide high-quality service for a economic value compared to industry standards. You are not obligated to choose us, because consultations are Free.

Are there different types of résumés? If so, can Swepps & Associates explain?

Yes, there are different types of résumés. Résumés are different depending on the employment sector and field. When referring to a sector and field we are differentiating from Private business vs. Federal/State/City (public sector), or Nursing position vs. Information Technology (IT) position vs. or Executive position vs. military. The different facets of employment are handled very differently. Let us explain.

Private Sector refers to companies in the economic system not operated by the government, and run its operation to individuals and companies. Although some private-sector companies are involved in partnerships with governmental agencies (known as public/private partner), they are considered private.

Private Sector résumé and cover letters tend to have brief explanations of responsibility or experience followed by bullet points. Key words of the position you're applying to are crucial. Most companies use a computer generated software to limit its candidates to the most qualified prior to an interview. A combination of a brief description outlining your education and skills would be sufficed.

Résumé and cover letters in the private sector fields are also different. As previously mentioned, a Nurse résumé may need to outline some detailed experience and certifications based on state mandated requirements, whereas an Information Technology (IT) résumé needs to explain what programs you are able to operate. IT employers may want to know how well you can execute time sensitive projects.

Public Sector refers to the economic system funded and operated by the government. Public sector employment most likely are services provided to people residing in that state or local area.

Public Sector résumé and cover letters tend to be a mixture of the appropriate number of explanations of responsibilities or experience followed by bullet points. Key words and relevant experience are also important here because of the sheer volume of applicants. When you tailor your résumé to the specific job opening, it will significantly improve your chances. The public-sector human resources have less than 5 seconds to scan your résumé and cover letter. Needless to say to put only the pertinent relevant experience only.

Executive vs. Military résumés is very similar in their format. Military résumé expectations are a higher. A respective recruiter is looking for you to be as detailed as possible about functions and how it pertains to your performance. For example you may want to expand on why and how you were chosen to be the gunnery sergeant, and the quantity of soldiers you were in direct management of. Likewise for an executive, respective organization and recruiters are very interested in projects or changes you have made. For example an executive may be asked with raising funds or managing funds, these are highly important items you would want to elaborate in detail about.

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